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An assembly of the original music used in Vincent Bal's movie with the same name: The ‘composer’s cut’. Light where it's obligate, heavy where it's allowed.
Peter Vermeersch

Asking Peter Vermeersch to compose the score for this cat movie, turned out to be a very good idea of director Vincent Bal. The music is as mobile and unpredictable as a kitten.
Knack, Belgium

You not only see Minoes slip and slide over the roof on her high heels, you also hear her doing so by the sound of a warm ‘walking bass’ and drumsticks softly tickling the cymbals. The guitars sound suitably horny, the bass clarinet spins cosy as a top cat on an electric blanket. And as the icing on a delicious cake, every now and then Vermeersch allows himself a musical joke.
Filmkrant, The Netherlands


For this score, Peter Vermeersch was nominated with a World Soundtrack Award 2002. The film received the Dutch film award 'Het Gouden Kalf' in the categories ‘best film and best actress’. Due to his Belgian nationality, director Vincent Bal could not be nominated.





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